Thursday, May 13, 2010

PS Didchanos: Copy That Style!

A "Photoshop Didchano" for those inquiring minds. You just spent more time than you care to think about working on one layer to perfect your blend modes, layer styles, and opacity. Now you want to do the same thing to another layer. Do you have to reinvent the wheel? NOT!

  • Click on the layer where you just applied all those cool styles, blend modes, and/or opacities.
  • Now that the layer is highlighted, right click on it.
  • In the pop-up choose “Copy Layer Style”.
  • Now select the new layer(s) where you want to share the same styles, blend modes, and/or opacity settings.
  • Right click on the highlighted layers.
  • In the pop-up choose “Paste Layer Styles”.
Waa-laa! Done!

[Southern Slang Translation: "Didchano?" is actually "Did you know?" The "you" sounds like "ya". The "Did" and "ya" are slurred together in that slow southern twang that comes out sounding like "Did-cha". Add the sound of "no" and you have "Did-cha-no?" ]

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